ORKA® creates fast and practical solutions by producing bathrooms and modular furniture in European standards and modern facilities; product quality and customer satisfaction with the highest level of service is provided. ORKA is proud to be the preferred bathroom brand in the international arena; At the same time, it is a company which is sensitive to its surrounding environment and who is also responsible for its employees with the purpose of becoming a modern world bathroom brand.


FSC® Certified

CE Certified

TSE Certified

Quality Management Systems

ORKA® Bathroom is a leading brand in the sector both in Turkey and abroad by continuously following the technological developments in the business process and using these processes in a planned and systematic way in the process of ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

Occupational Health and Safety Management System

Employees of ORKA® Bathroom must have a safe and healthy working environment. In this context, planned and systematic activities are carried out by ORKA® within the scope of OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

Environmental Management System

Human health and respect to the nature are important in corporate culture of ORKA®. Waste storage areas, recycling, packaging waste and emission measurement, noise measurement etc are paid top level attention.It is our proud to be one of those model brands in these fields in Turkey supporting such environmental sensitivity with modern activities.

Customer Satisfaction Management System

ORKA® is conscious that one of the conditions of being a “big brand” is to ensure satisfaction of customers in any condition and any where.

Reflection of Quality in Bathrooms ORKA

Bringing neutrality to bathrooms and reflecting unique lines to its designs, ORKA Bathroom is focusing on innovation based production by using raw materials at European standards within the scope of Design + Quality + Service. For a quarter-century, ORKA Bathroom continues to lead the bathroom furniture market by exporting to 50 countries and reaching almost 5 million consumers with more than 350 sales points all over Turkey. ORKA Bathroom offers over 400 variety of products by focusing on innovation production philosophy.

Soft Closing

Drawers and doors are equipped with brake mechanism allowing quiet closing. It is also safe for children.

Durable Adhesive or Glue

Egde banding process of all products used in production is carried out with PU (polyurethane) glue system. PU is a water and humidity resistant glue material.

Does not Contain Carcinogen Substance

Melamine laminated chipboard panels are of E1 quality. E1 quality materials do not contain carcinogen substances that are harmful for human health.

IP44 Standard Lighting

Electrical assemblies and LED lighting elements used in production are of IP44 standard. IP44 is a European protection standard which indicates water and dust resistance.

Modular Furniture

All modules in the catalogue are sold separately. The term modular means that they can be used separately as lower module, upper module etc. or can be combined freely as an option.

High Resistance

Lacquer paint used in production has the highest resistance against yellowing and can be cleaned easily.

Non-Blackening Mirror

Mirrors are flotal, providing a clear image and antibacterial silicon application prevents blackening. Şişe Cam brand is used for all products.

5 Times Resistant

Glass bench, glass door, and shelves used in the products are tempered. It has 5 times greater resistance compared to regular glass. It does not hurt the user since it breaks into very small pieces.

High Quality Accessories

Accessories selected according to product group are stainless and supplied by the renowned and credible brands. ORKA Bathroom pays attention to ensure that accessories have a long life and are of high quality.

Interior LED Lighting

Special LED lighting system integrated in mirrors provide practical and aesthetic solutions.

Fully Opening Drawers

Drawers provide convenience with fully opening structures.

Ecological Mirrors

Mirrors used in production are ecological. Ecological mirrors do not contain lead.